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Originally Posted by robur View Post
He says on his video here ''Gravity doesn't exist'' I must respectfully disagree with that.
Yes, well just bear in mind that revolutionary statements have to said in order to gain a new understanding, one of which is that there is no such thing as gravity, but realize that Wheeler is just trying to bring about a new understanding. Hold that idea in your mind and not the immediate statement.

I realize this is all a new indoctrination for you but I'd urge you to push forward and to not be put off. I'm confident that if you do you will gain a greater insight.

Wheeler say's elsewhere, many times over, that gravity obviously does exist, but gravity isn't a field modality. It isn't what Einstein said it was. Rocks aren't born with gravity, nor are we attracted to rocks because we were born with a gravitational field. Matter is not attracted to matter because of an innate field unique to matter.

Gravitational weight is malleable such that the changeability in the weight of mass, brought on by exterior conditions and energies, proves that gravity is not an energy field itself: Rocks do not possess any innate gravitational field by themselves because no such field exists. The weight of all mass is subject to and the product of exterior conditions and the input of energetic forces.

There is also no such thing as warped space in the Einsteinian sense for warping space like a rubber sheet due to alleged gravitational mass. Theoretical space drives such as the Alcubierre drive are based on the concept that gravity acts on space when it's really the other way round. Space acts on matter, but matter doesn't act upon space any more than your own shadow does, and so that whole notion of how physical space drives might work are based on a completely flawed and inverted understanding of the interactions which take place. One could no move themselves through space by warping it than you could move your own body on earth by warping your own shadow: It's one and the same thing. I know because I've wrestled with this idea ever since entering the question of how does the Flux Liner/ARV operate because it has to work by Einsteinian Physics, but that's the rub don't ya see? The things required to make that machine work using those concepts are far out of the reach of present technology, and that's assuming the physics are right, and of course you see they aren't right because they were never intended to be right.

The correct path is to understand the variables and energies which produce a gravitational vector and to work from there. Einsteinian Physics has to claim the Alexey is a fraud because it cannot be explained using it; it's not possible for it to be warping space for example and so that is a problem. I'm fully expecting every expert out there vested in the establishment to claim fraud because otherwise they are all out of a job. That bummer mind ---- deal sold by corporate mind control Inc as higher education is a side show compared to the other potentially explosive effects a new understanding could incur, one which holds the potential to take us out of the Dark Ages and in to the light of a new renaissance. Einsteinian Physics is dark age mind control perversion of the true reality of nature and the sooner we dispense with believing in pulp fiction the better off we will all be.
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