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I should have called myself the scribbler instead of Gambeir, which is in honor of the memory of the men of the U.S.S Gambier Bay, a Jeep Flat Top of Taffy 3 named after a bay in Alaska which also carries the name one of my other favorite US Ships; the U.S.S Alaska.

So I've received another forwarded message and in the public interest I'm posting most of that message. Originally this was sent to Swallabat but he hasn't responded. Evidently he's become a shut-in who also suffers from severe finger gout and can no longer type and so the message arrived on my doorstep. It's edited for conciseness. Machine translated from Russian as I understand so bear that in mind.

Dear sir

I wanted to give you informations about your post here:

(and other posts where you tell the same informations).

I subscribed on this forum since 5 days to be able to give you this information, but the administrator has not yet validated my profile and I can't post in the forum.

So my message:
I have discovered Alexey Chekurkov since 10 days approximately. I have made numerous researches on antigravity since 10 years, and I am interested in this domain since more 24 years at least.

I am not a beginner in this way of research.

Like you I had the same exact idea to replicate its first device, the orange one, and not the other newer versions, because he feeds it with no Tesla coil, and there is no ultrasonic transducer seen; no connection to middle plate to anything up to what I can see, so all is easier. I didn't want to replicate more complicated stuff like other newer versions.

I then asked Alexey on his youtube channel to have a schematic for his orange device powering since there is no tesla coil or trabnsducer to replicate an easier version (easier than his schematic given in another vidťo). He replied me that I can't see it on the video but the orange device is feed with the exact same schematic than the one given for other versions.

So I was astonished. Then I found a video made by him where he replies to questions and make comments about what other people told about his device. And I could find that he said that there was a "katcher" (Tesla coil) on the left of the orange device (when we see it spinning and lifting), not visible because on the left, in the black region, out of the camera; powering the middle plate like newer versions. He also speaks of the wire connecting the middle plate to this katcher, that we can see in the beginning of the video with the orange device.

I don't see the ultrasonic but he wrote me that the elements where exactly the same (so including ultrasonic), to the ultrasonic must be hidden to what we can see.

All the elements about the "katcher" in the left, not visible for the camera, and the wire connecting it to the middle plate are in this video:

My question asked to Alexey Chekurkov was precisely:
"Please, could we have the schematic for powering this device? You gave the schematic for advanced version of the device realized by you later, with tesla transformer high voltage powering connected on the middle plate and ultra-sonic emitter. But this one yet gave net important results and I see no ultra-sonic nor tesla transformer and see no plug to the middle plate (beetwen the rotating discs). This is much easier to replicate (this is my intent); so please could you give the plugging schematic for this first device? Thank you!"

Alexey's answer was:
"In this scheme, the same components but they are not visible in the frame."

Made here:

(but I don't find in the youtube parameters how to make this public, I can see it only when connected mith my account profile, if not I can't see it, so nobody can see it!)

I want to be part too of this work of replication, and if one day I can post to this forum I will participate to share what I will do. As I was interested too in Keely's work with sound and antigrav (and read other anomalous effect with sound and gravity such as tibetain lifting of heavy rocks, the leadskalnin story that maybe falsified or not and other sound levitating effects), I have some ideas about the sound and the link with gravity. So the ultrasonic maybe very important and I am going to follow a work I wanted to do with sound and Keely linked to that.

Youtube does this: Not all comments are visible. You're not in a public forum but in a privately owned domain. It edits and censors. I've had the exact same experience where my comments are invisible unless I sign in, and then only to myself, so it is pointless to scribble there and most of what is scribbled isn't even being done by real people as I understand it. This is really what AI is about: Controlling the dialogue with a false narrative. This message tells us that there's something here with the Alexey: That there is an attempt, evidently, to cut out as much information as possible. It appears this poster has been tagged as someone to watch and to censor. Now it sounds stupid but you have to understand that most of this is robotic. Once someone becomes tagged then there's probably a program that runs which tries to give an illusion that the poster is actually speaking in a public forum when all that's really happening is that they are talking to themselves.

"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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