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Originally Posted by swallabat View Post
Good work Robur. Well done. The translations are very helpful.
The first unit is totally duplicable... NO Katcher, NO Ultrasonics, and the top motor spins at a fixed speed. That makes it a lot more simple to replicate.

Just a thought:

In video two he claims he will turn off the camera for 1-2 hours yet the shadows on the floor (which are formed from the sunlight streaming in though that window over the bench) do not move..
I watched again and I noticed it too. It is a bit of a


On top of ''inventor'' being incommunicado - he is actively misleading.
First he says he looking for like-minded people to work with

Then he says ''blah blah blah 1-2 hours is too long to watch see you then'' and instead of 1-2 hours may be 1-2 minutes passes. Unless he found a way to stop time with his contraption

Third the amount of items increassing every video. Instead of helpfull information he just says worthless chit chat in the audio.


What is a point of looking for like-minded people and then not answer any one and mislead?

On his videos on almost everyone he says ''support his channel'' by sending him money. Watch videos and click on adds.

It is may be a few dollars that youtube pays for 1000 clicks and this gear he got would even in russia cost a lot more.

From Google search:

Kay likely gets about $7.60 per 1,000 ad views, down from $9.35 in 2012, according to TubeMogul, which buys and sells video ads. Ads are only run on a minority of videos shown. Roughly, a video creator will earn $2,000 for every million views. "And then YouTube takes 45 percent," the Times notes.10 Feb 2014


1027609 views total on those 2 videos.
If assume he does get $7.60 per 1000 view

So, lets say he gets $7600. By Russian terms this is a lot of money
$1 is 65 Rubbles
Average salary is about 30000 Rubbles per month.

So about $450-$470

So, if he gets this much from views It is sizable sum.

I am just speculating, but would it be possible that he is not at all interested in sharing anything?
If his videos are earning him potentially tens of thousands of Rubbles
So, why share secrets? So someone else could build, post and then collect youtube clicks?

Average salary per month is
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