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Just how fast will hope turn to fear?

Hussman writes that we are "early" in the deterioration of market fundamentals. Here is an article on the breakdown of credit markets. It remains to be seen just what the speed of deterioration will be. BUT, everything is speeding up.

The markets are starting to look more at fundamentals of risk.

11/22 Hedge funds suffer worst month in three years; now down for the year – CNBC
11/22 Multiple risks are converging on markets – Jim Rickards
11/22 Get out now: SocGen releases the most bearish 2019 forecast yet – Zero Hedge

Société Générale has been very accurate and very watched. It won't take much to reverse / deflate the delusions of investors.
11/22 Owner of blown-up hedge fund left clients owing more money – Zero Hedge
NOBODY wants to be left holding the bag. This will prompt more flight to cash.
11/21 Mortgage refinance applications hit 18-year low – CNBC
So, how is the credit bubble supposed to grow without new laons and new fees?
11/21 Blain: “Who will purchase the €275 billion of debt Italy expects to issue in 2019?” – ZH
11/21 EU calls for sanctions against Italy over budget – US News
It will NEVER pass a vote of the general assembly.
"So here we have the Pi Target and to the day Brussels has officially rejected Italy’s spending budget on Wednesday, November 21st"
Armstrong's program is right on target.

"The real curious thing is that the Abu Dhabi sovereign wealth fund filed a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs precisely on the Pi Target Wednesday (Nov 21) for allegedly conspiring against the Middle Eastern fund to further a criminal scheme by Malaysia’s scandal-plagued 1MDB. So here we have the suit filed precisely on the Pi Target and precisely at the top of the ECM back in 2007, that is when Goldman Sachs sold ABACUS2007-ACI which was a $2 Billion Synthetic CDO."
"Them, on the Pi Target from the previous 8.6-year wave, April 16th, 2010, that is when the SEC charged Goldman Sachs with fraud with regard to the ABACUS2007 product. Here we now have Abu Dhabi filing suit for criminal fraud against Goldman Sachs precisely on the Pi Target of November 21, 2018."
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