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First of all Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in USA

I have sub-titled 3 of the videos from Alex. If anyone needs something else sub-titled or some another videos. you just post it here or drop me a PM.
I would be happy to do it

From all 3 videos here 1 thing in common - every time when he is going to tune his fields - he switches off camera. Mostly saying that it be very long implying it would be too boring for people to sit and watch it. So, better they don't.

I uploaded videos to my DropBox.
They should play just fine.

Video #1

Video #2

Video #3

In one of his videos he says that we can build Pepelatz. This name comes from a Soviet Sci-Fi movie.
I have also added a piece of that movie so you can see what Pepelatz looks like.

Just for fun

Well that is about it.

Enjoy and Happy Holidays.
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