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Yes not an easy task

I am trying to get the final thoughts and opinions on this assembled as quickly as possible.
But the holiday is taking much spare time here ,

will probably take until next week when things quiet down
I am chompin at the bit ,But Dr.Jones is on the road ATM .
not good talking and Driving also ruff working without his computer.

to note this issue with GOOD heat measurement protocol on a tight budget ,is directly addressing your noted point.

I sent you a Bunch of possible techniques that were considered for the Parkhomov work in a PM and will Hopefully now be amended to fit this Celani work.

One open source project Designer for the Celani test management protocol is quite confident his suggestion will be quite simple and should enable many experimenters to do quality measurements on a very small budget.

I have to admit I am very happy you are looking at this
getting a true anomaly in front of a fellow like you ,as well as
good measurement protocols

That can change the world.

once the protocol is established [the simple one] it will be posted here.

and of course any suggestions to improve or simplify ...
thats what Open source is all about...

with gratitude and respect

Chet K
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