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Nikola Tesla - US Patent 1,655,113 - 1927

Apparatus For Aerial Transportation

This is Tesla's first flying machine patent. It seems that every patent that made it out there after Wardenclyffe was destroyed, was a puzzle piece to Tesla's turbine and ultimately his flying machine.


1. Well firstly, no fuel tank in the diagram
2. Page 3 - Line 81

"To accomplish this a light and powerful prime mover is necessary and as particularly suited for the purpose I employ, preferably, a turbine of the kind described in my US patent 1,061,206, of May 6, 1913, which not only fulfills these requirements, but is especially adapted to operation at high temperatures."

3. Page 3 - Line 106

"The motors 2, 2 in this case turbines of the kind described in my patent before referred to"

4. Page 4 - Line 3

"At the start, sufficient power being turned on by suitable means, also within his reach"

5. Page 4 - Line 47

"Evidently also, whenever necessary or desirable, power far in excess of that normally required may be applied during flight and the machine propelled at a greatly increased speed. The type of turbine used is a motor of great lightness and activity and lends itself exceptionally to this kind of work for which ordinary aviation motors are unsuited.

It is capable of carrying a great overload and running without danger at excessive speed so that during the starting and landing operations the necessary power can be developed by the motors even though less efficiently than under their normal working conditions"

6. Page 4 - Line 81

"Especially good practical results are obtainable by use of my turbine which can be depended upon to develop the necessary energy for lifting, even if it should be considerably greater than that consumed in flight under normal conditions. This end can be conveniently attained by temporarily supplying more of the working fluid to the rotor and driving it faster"

I'm still pulling apart other patents.

What is interesting is the following patent 1,655,114 which I will pull apart for you next.


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