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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
@Gambeir: Make an Electric Field to Spin...and you've got a Magnetic Field.
How do you spin an Electric Field?...with a Magnetic Field.
That simple.
In order to "flip" gravity field, we need a very heavy (strong) Field(s)...
An Electric Field (normally) is linear, no spin.
A Magnetic Field contains partial spins, reason why needs to move in spacetime to get a full spin...induce it to a wrapped around coil...then you have an Electric Field in that Coil.

Magnetic and Electric Fields are in constant exchange.

Thanks for the attempt to enlighten Ufopolitic's. All I can really say is to keep trying and maybe something will stick.

Now, I've been thinking about this Alexey contraption and what strikes me is how it looks like a slice taken from a giant piece of wire. It's like you took a giant piece of Aluminum wire and cut a slice out of it that's what the HV Aluminum Plate seems to represent.

So what we really appear to have is a section of aluminum wire which is now being artificially stimulated with an exterior magnetic field, which is incidentally orbiting the outer edges, whilst an AC electrical field is simultaneously being feed in, and so now, according to Wheelerism theory (Smile Ken), the center core of this HV Aluminum Plate should have a center point of dielectric counter-spacial flow. So that, depending on the rotation of the magnetic field, this link to counter space is why the machine levitates, but which is also why it's so difficult to make work because the dielectric counter-flowing core is on the same plane as the rest of the plate.

It may be that the only reason this thing works is that the spinning magnetic plate is relatively smaller and thus the quote "PSA," or point source acceleration of the dielectric inertia does have some relative correlation being produced by the angle between the center of the plate and the spinning magnetics. If that's correct it would tend to explain why this thing is so funky to get going.

A more probable course to take would be to put a hole in the center of the HV plate with an attached tube extending up and above the plate. My thinking here is that this tube would extend the "PSA" of the dielectric inertia from the base of the Aluminum Plate to a more productive point above and thereby essentially pull ourselves up on our own boot straps.

One would think that a tube with a high Q dielectric core might then produce a measurable increase in the vectored force of the inducted dielectric inertia. Also I can't help but notice how similar this is beginning to appear to the ARV illustration. If this is correct, and if this is what is taking place, then one could imagine a core which has a circulation system in the center column, as often described by abductee's, which would provide a power regeneration system through some suitable dielectric reactive medium. Given what is supposed that power system could be over-unity.
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