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I will ask about that

I always enjoy your thoughts and input on this forum
and also how your opinions are not easily swayed.

your comment here gave me pause , I am certain these fellows have theories,
but as of Yet ....
just anomalous mysterious results .

I will try to work a bit with Steve [Dr.Jones] on better understanding all the minutia
of the technique the Celani team is using as well as Parkhomov's better understood kitchen work.

Alexander Parkhomov Reports on Just-completed 225 Day Test | E-Cat World

perhaps with a few more pieces of equipment and technical support a few of our open source Labs could play here ?
and maybe a few other techniques could tickle the lattice ??

after all Parkhomov does literally work in his kitchen.....

I will ask about your thoughts .... heat does change things and perhaps this Celani potpourri ... in the oven .... ?
maybe it does mimic the attributes of plasma due to its similarities ?

to me this is mind bending stuff ...and I don't have much to bend...

thanks for your thoughts

Chet K

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