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Originally Posted by sinergicus View Post
HAve somebody an idea why alexey dissks are charged plus and minus? ..minus down and plus at upper disc? if we are supposing earth with minus charge will push the system away the top disk should have the same minus charge to benefit from plus charge of sky ( minus and plus will attract each other ).....

Also I cann,t find any reference about Charles flying disks alexey has spoken about .......
Earth Minus
Sky Plus

If lower disk is Minus then Minus-Minus will repell
Top disk is Plus as you say So top Plus-Plus will also repel

But you also got middle disk that has 2 charges on it.

This system looks over complicated to me or he is saying wrong things deliberately.

If you got 2 charges Minus and Plus
1 per disk

Then you got 2 charges together on the other middle disk

Don't you think that here could be a canceling effect?
Like 2 charges that are too close together could cancel each other out

Also, Magnets in a strong electric field can temporary demagnetize

Some years ago people tried to get energy from the following concept:

They called it GAP POWER. May be this was discussed here too I don't know.
I really don't know also how far it has gotten.
They used a coil to neutralize magnetic field and make it move a piston. All talk on this has died down since beginning 2014 or so.
May be because they found that it takes more energy to neutralize magnetic field this way then the energy they get back via mechanical pistons or wheels or what ever else they used for it.

Here we got 2 sets of magnets 1 per each disk that is running very close to the middle disk which gets powered up by AC voltage.
Yes, I understand it is not the same as this gap power thing.
But anyway here might be a case of magnetic field cancellation or neutralization

In some way may be a small effect

I am guessing only.

When several charges are involved always chance of interference.

Even so the middle plate is AC and other 2 disks are high voltage DC.
Still some things here don't make sense to me.
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