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Don Smith's massive overunity Resonance Kit available !!!

Hi, just ordered a Don Smith Resonance kit made by Rick "Professor X" Friedrich.
Rick has been the only living genius alive, to re- or retro-engineer Don's inventions completely *** !!! And he is selling not only a huge reference book about Don with every annotation you could imagine to help you understand and build a working Don Smith device, taking out the danger and staying at a reasonable level of security. This kit is a must-have - I've just ordered one and can't wait to try it !
Big HUGE KISSES TO MR FRIEDRICH !!! The only true, practical free energy device guy in the world today (with a lot others too don't get me wrong) !!! God bless him.

*** massive overunity at stake here. For instance, taking a 1watt input (11 volts at 0.025 amps) to put out as many 70 volts bulbs to light as you can !

He's the most respectable guy out here, for every single video he makes and shares his discoveries with us.

I mean seriously, who else could have stanced a minute to back-engineer Don Smith devices ? Notwithstanding, to share it freely and openly with the World ?
Now think about it...and get your device, little fellas !!! Don't forget to drop him a nice line for he's doing.
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