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Arrow NVE-1, cont.


As society moved from the electrical age into the electronic age the situation of the electric utility system began to deteriorate. In the electronic age an ever-increasing proportion of the load presented to the electric utility system was to involve the conversion between the alternating current used for light and power and the direct current used for electronic devices. The conversion between A.C. and D.C., rectifiers and inverters, is verily a condition of "forcing a square peg into a round hole". Accordingly, this process engenders a plurality of troublesome transients, particularly those associated with the silicon-controlled rectifier (S.C.R.), which ultimately spelled disaster for the electric utility system.

The harmonic malady was propelled forward by a shift in reasoning, this from the established viewpoint of electric transmission as an electromagnetic boundary condition (Maxwell-Heaviside), to the modernistic viewpoint of electric transmission as an electronic current (Lorentz-Einstein). In the modern viewpoint electricity was no longer propagation in the space enclosed by the transmission conductors, but the notion is that electricity is propagated within the transmission conductors themselves. Accordingly, in this view, the space surrounding the transmission conductors is void of any electrical activity. This mindset has made impossible any understanding of electric transmission and has sent electrical engineering back into its dark ages when electricity was regarded as a material substance.


The electric utility in the digital age has arrived at a situation where all deleterious factors have merged into a common motive. Nikola Tesla would say "Commercial Enterprise has out-run technical competence".

The vanguard is the ubiquitous eradication of the Delta connection of apparatus windings and load configurations. The entire electric utility system is undergoing a retrograde conversion, from what was an interlocked triple phase system, into a trio of independent singe phase systems. Moreover, the primary and secondary windings of all transmission and distribution transformers are being bonded together at their neutral points. This effort effectively bypasses the transformers, hence creating an extensive metallic pathway for the propagation of harmonics, oscillations, and disruptive transients.

In this digital age the load presented to the electric utility system is of a disruptive discharge nature. All contemporary power conversion methodologies employ the integration of switching transients in the conversion process between the utility system alternating current and the electronic (silicon) device direct current. In general, a true A.C. load is becoming non-existent.

It is the intrinsic nature of such transient waveforms to excite oscillations into the electric field surrounding the various transmission and distribution structures. These in turn intensify the already problematic harmonic waveforms. Moreover, the interaction of these electric oscillations with the semi-conductor devices results in a barrage of spurious frequencies. The plurality of these parasitic oscillations tend to merge into a unified oscillation through the common neutral connection, giving the ability to distribute interference on an unprecedented level. This situation alludes to electronic warfare, where consumer devices of foreign manufacture can be regarded as a "Trojan Horse".

It has become evident to many that the aforementioned condition has created an unprecedented level of radio interference, particularly in the A.M. broadcast band. However, unlike the era of long distance telephone, no administrative agency exists to ensure electromagnetic compatibility in this digital age.


It is important to recognize that the ultimate root of the problem here defined is sociological, not technological. The situation today resembles in many ways that which existed at the onset of the dark ages, when the first theory of relatively announced that the Earth is the center of the universe, a notion brutally enforced by the corporate church.

Accordingly, any attempt toward remediation of the electric utility situation will be met with fierce opposition and nothing will change for the better. Such is the fate of the human species, it is written.


The above report is related to the presentation History, Theory & Practice of the Electrical Utility System by Eric Dollard: History, Theory & Practice of the Electrical Utility System by Eric Dollard

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