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Originally Posted by bistander View Post
Hi vastdragon, and Ufo,

Be careful with 3BGS and Lithium batteries. Lithium batteries require sophisticated cell management (BMS). If run without BMS and on a system where overcharge is possible (maybe unavoidable), disaster is likely. All the 3BGS use lead-acid of which I am aware. Lead-acid is pretty forgiving about charge.


Thanks Bistander!

And yes, that's very true!

Vastdragan has the batteries from a should have the BMS in the package.

The Nissan Leaf is the "Old School" Electric Vehicles...meaning their motor controlers run SO HOT, that it needs a whole cooling system just like the Farting Machine needs...radiator plus electric fans....what I want to that it is designed to stand heavy loads.

Thanks GOD that TESLA MOTORS reinvented the Electric vehicles...based on Nikola Tesla Induction Motor (thanks GOD for him as well)
The Teslas Vehicles runs very cool (do not need a radiator w/ big fans), even though the battery bank has a small liquid cooling system...just like some PC Motherboards uses.


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