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Originally Posted by vastdragan View Post
Hello Ufopolitics,

Thank you for answering.

Where I can find more info about "3 Battery Energetic System". I try on google, but no results.

My off-grid system is composed by: 3700Wp PV panels, 5kVA inverter and 24kWh lithium battery from a salvage Nissan Leaf.

Also, I find a picture on internet which I suppose is made by you. I can made this on radial flux or axial flux to use with a wind turbine. What do you think about this?

Kind regards,


I think I find here the thread:
3 Battery Generating System
Yes, that's the Thread, sorry! bad, I forgot to write that it was on this Forum....

And yes, that's my drawing, it is an outrunner bldc that I built from beautiful.

On the 3BGS THREAD, You will have to go over the whole thread FIRST!...Please DO NOT start asking questions before getting the MAIN WHOLE IDEA on its SPECIFICS.

Thanks and welcome!

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