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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Originally Posted by bistander View Post
You're wrong. Show me the 1800 watt output with 300 watt input generator.
No, No motor mouth, show me anything. You keep repeating, table
turning riddles. Show something and stop boasting about nothing.

Everybody has motor experience. Show us.

Turion Man is da man and he don't just flap his jaw, he shows his stuff
around. He is one of the few men who actual had an idea and has shown
his working unit. Today it works, not someday.

Where is yours? Did you go over the instructional data? No? Still repeating?
Repeating old slogans? Hummm..?
He made the claim. He has never shown a working unit of the 1800 watt output/300 watt input machine.

I made no claim. What am I supposed to show? Something that doesn't work?

You claimed that the magnet repelled the steel. Show us that. That's what started this episode.
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