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Hi Adrian,
That is a very thorough explanation of your thoughts. Thank you for taking the time and effort to write it.

You seem to feel that there is something in nature that results in the hiding of displacement by default:

The mechanism of displacement is revealed in action when the continuity of the need of the circuit to re-balance to the steady state is disrupted or held-of, and cannot in the moment be addressed by the process of transference. In this case the mechanism of displacement is called-forth, and whose action on the form can be observed, and is usually characterised by an injection of additional energy required to initiate the re-balance (speed-up) the process of transference.
According to this theory, the only means of bringing about displacement events would be through the creation of circumstances which preclude transference.

Does this not run contrary to the design principles of the Tesla Magnifying Transformer?

The TMT would seem to balance the electric and magnetic fields of induction not through the creation of transients but through the careful control of the circumstances under which those fields are created.

As a whole it seems that while the Tesla example of the DC dynamo and the railway tracks may demonstrate displacement, there is nothing about that example to suggest it describes the primary or only means of producing displacement.

All these things aside, I look forward to the results of your experiments!
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