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Originally Posted by Iamnuts View Post
Magnetic poles are always in pairs. However, magnetic flux does not actually flow from the north to the south pole or flow anywhere for that matter as magnetic flux is a static region around a magnet in which the magnetic force exists.
Hello John,

I completely agree with the N>S flow of flux...not anywhere else.
Now, the way Flux is geometrically disbursed ( in 3d space)...could only be observed clearly with a FERROCELL, and the geometry is not simple, there are like circular rings like (curvilinear) which are NOT Straight, meaning NOT parallel to magnet axis, but have an inclined angle...this geometric "shape" allows to generate a spiral/vortex of Induced Energy in the nearby conductors....but then again, a spacetime movement is required from either one: magnet or induced in order to get the spiral-vortex effect on induced.

Originally Posted by Iamnuts View Post
For a vortex to operate it necessarily requires a flow????
The full Vortex flow is ONLY generated in the conductors (the induced) through a spacetime movement from either one.

Magnetic Field provides PARTIAL SEGMENTS (Angular) of the whole Vortex Flow in the conductor.
Only a Spacetime MOVEMENT Completes the FULL SPIRAL CYCLE to generate the Induced Energy Flow.

On his book, Spacetime, H. Minkowski relates to this effect as similar to a "corkscrew" movement.


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