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Originally Posted by Iamnuts View Post
What exists at any one point in this 4D matrix does change though, the matrix itself remains unchangeable.
To an observer it changes, but when the whole of spacetime is considered it
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Spacetime could be changed in only specific areas, determined by the scope/range of the source doing it.
When we alter spacetime in specific ways we have access to ALL things Science says are not possible.
Frequency, resonant points, magnetic and electric fields plus the "shape" utilized, could change our surrounding spacetime.

Space, our space is full of all kind of molecules-atoms...which have electrons, protons, neutrons, nucleus...etc,etc...which are randomly dispersed, so, when we align them, following a pattern/shape, say a Spiral/Vortex, we are altering those particles plus its "enveloped space" which influence inside or nearby matter in different ways.

Direction of rotations of those spirals, plus the velocity/speed of chosen "shape(s)", alter time.

And...all together conforming a frequency reaching resonance with surrounding matter causes different effects/results...

Briefly resuming it...Particle acceleration into a spiral at great velocity, within electric-magnetic fields will alter spacetime.

However, Geometry of the Spiral is the essence to affect specifit matter surrounding it.


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