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Wars and, who runs the show?

To repeat, Trump's plane was at a military base. How important is that?

“America hasn’t had a civilian government since the end of World War II”. These were the words spoken to me as a journalist by a man who had served in Military Intelligence"
"It is not a coincidence that the CIA was created around the same time as the Pentagon where American military strategy is planned and gamed."
"According to my intelligence source, one L.G. Leighton, senior members of the American military at the end of World War II were planning a military coup d’etat to unseat the democratically elected president and replace him with a permanent government controlled by the military."

"Thus was put into play a conspiracy that would alter the course of American history forever. It is called the “Palmer House Plot”
"Having caught wind of this bold and dangerous act, the decorated General Omar Bradley was dispatched by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to “deal with this situation”.
"When he arrived at the hotel he went straight to the room where the plotters were gathered and burst through the door screaming, “what the hell do you think you’re doing?!” The conspirators replied in a straight forward manner, “we are going to take control of the government, sir”. To which General Bradley replied, “you (expletive deleted) idiots…we already control the government".

"It means that since the end of World War II presidents have been allowed to influence domestic politics, but they are not in charge of our foreign affairs. Perhaps this is the reason JFK was assassinated – a man who was on the verge of dismantling the CIA and pulling out U.S troops from Vietnam.

Perhaps this is the reason Dwight D. Eisenhower gave that extraordinary speech at the end of his presidency warning of the grave dangers of the Military-Industrial Complex. "It means we are all being held hostage by a rogue contingent of generals in the Pentagon secretly planning the next war with no regard for democratic institutions or values. And they in turn control the CIA – another rogue organization operating completely outside the rule of law. "
This might explain why ALL of our treasury has been spent on wars.
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