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Displacement and Transference

Originally Posted by Marcus Neuhof View Post
When you say that "...the displacement event is so short as to be essentially un-measureable with common equipment, before transference takes over and dissipates the effect of the discharge as electric voltages and currents..." this would seem to imply the 'displacement event' is a non-electrical or perhaps even non-physical phenomena.
Hi Marcus,

Thank you for the all links, I have not seen some of them before, and particularly on measuring Maxwell’s displacement current in a capacitor. I want to study and absorb this one some more, and then try out this technique experimentally at RF frequencies.

Your questions about the meaning I put to displacement is so central to my research that I have decided to clarify what I mean by this on my website. I have added a Part 1 post on displacement and transference which will introduce what I mean by those terms and how I see them in my research. There will in time be subsequent parts, and linked as you say, directly to experiments and the results of these experiments.

The link to the page is:

Displacement and Transference - Part 1 | AMInnovations

I look forward to your thoughts and considerations on this topic.

Best wishes,
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