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Germany, Italy, OZ and NZ,,, criminals in your wallet

Merkel is doing her best to destroy Germany with immigration.
Armstrong, " From the outset, I warned that in an economic decline, the last thing you do is accept immigrants. This is not my opinion – it is just patterns from the past. " "Merkel has set the stage for violence in Europe and political discontent that threatens to undermine the entire EU projected." "European officials are back in the spotlight recently as the debt crisis in Italy has cast Europe directly in the eye of the storm. "
Merkel recently won the Kalergi prize for inundating Germany with stupid brown people.

The Stupid German high command DEMANDS austerity to cure the profligate ways of the rest of Europe. Never mind that austerity NEVER works.
"The European Central Bank (ECB) will NOT aid Italy with an EU rescue program if the country or its banks are in financial turmoil. The Italian government is taking the view that Italy has become an “occupied” country and that Germany has conquered Europe imposing austerity and its view of inflation upon the whole of Europe without firing a shot. "
"The EU Commission, on the other hand, is calling for less spending and the implementation of austerity as demanded by Germany. Italy is already sitting on a debt of around 131% of GDP."
Austerity never works. The horse has already left the barn. The gold standard does NOT allow the state to expand the money / bond supply without practical limit. ONLY a gold standard can prevent the problems that they are now trying futilely to address with austerity.

"But in reality, stopping the ECB’s Quantitative Easing will result in interest rates rising by at least 300% very rapidly. Italy is getting ahead of the curve BEFORE everything comes crashing down."
"This provides for a monetary policy emergency tool adopted in 2012 – called “OMT”. However, this has never been used before. The ECB, behind the curtain, fears that if they try to use this mechanism and it fails, as our model warns, then the CONFIDENCE in the entire EU system will collapse."

The blob State in OZ and NZ seems to have gone completely bonkers. If you have money in the bank, you are OBVIOUSLY tax cheat.
"Governments are in serious trouble and they will be raising taxes dramatically before they ever dare try to reform."
"The greed of governments in their pursuit of money is the single greatest threat to creating a Dark Age. With New Zealand imposing a $5,000 fine for just landing there and you refuse to hand over your pen and passwords to your phone for them to search"
"The Assistance and Access Bill 2018 in Australia will force Google, Apple, Facebook, and other technology groups to help Australian authorities decode certain forms of encrypted communications on their systems, or face fines of up to AU$10 million. The government says the legislation will help protect against terrorism, fraud and child abuse crimes, claiming it aims to ensure criminals “have no place to hide.”

An ABSOLUTE lie. MANY criminals hide out in official government offices.
"The problem that arises that failure to pay taxes they also call criminal. "
"Apple, FOR INSTANCE, would not be made to create a backdoor for their iMessage where every user’s encryption key is different. But the government could request access to the single encryption key for its iCloud services."

10/15 Disappearance of Saudi journalist could rock oil markets – Oil Price
Nobody cares about one journalist. I suspect that the incident is being leveraged to attack Mohammed bin Salman. maybe for ISIS,,, maybe for Las Vegas,,, maybe for Yemen. Dunno.
There have always been a lot of disappearances.

10/14 Violence, public anger erupts in China as home prices slide – Zero Hedge
Housing in China is a hot-button issue like guns are in America. Housing is the main store-of-value for the Chinese. If Powell doesn't print, the perceived value of stocks & bonds falls. If XI doesn't print, the perceived value of housing falls. China is trying to slow the printing.

10/14 Brexit: David Davis calls for cabinet rebellion over PM’s plan – BBC
10/14 Theresa May faces her party as a desperate gambler in hope of a break – Guardian

As Italy sets the stage for collapse of the EU, more and more Brits are thinking that an exit is a good idea.
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