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Actually in my book I described my journeys into these very circuit arrangements; and I described it as "staring and experimenting on the same setup for months or even years just because of a gut feel".

YES, I tried the ground already. In the place where I live I am not confident of the ground being clean of any stray voltages. For example, when the circuit is not running and I measure the AC voltage from the antenna to the ground, I will get a faint voltage reading. I do not like this.

On the contrary, when I use the GI metal railing as the ground, there is no voltage reading whatsoever between the antenna and the GI metal. but when the circuit is running, huge AC voltages comes up between both points. This behaviour is what I like because it is clear to me that the voltage readings are brought about by the circuit and not from any other stray sources.

Hmmmm, why don't you try it yourself my friend and report back your findings? Actually I do not need to convince myself anymore of anything, I really think I already did all things as far as testing this simple circuit is concerned. My most effective job at this point is to enlighten everybody that has a question as they study this circuit, because I believe the good minds here can surely improve this the opensource way.

I will be privileged to have our first experimenter report back here. Regards.
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