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A very good question. The 9W bulb is blinking at a rate of about 2x to 3x per second, hence I described this circuit as Charger-only. I also believe that everytime the 9W bulb is lit, this is also the point where the CAP is dumping its charge into the charge battery and the circuit.

The GI metal is a hand railing at the second floor of our house. Said railing is intended as like a holding bar in the veranda and embedded to the concrete of the flooring and the the possts of the house. I believe the GI metal is producing a lesser voltage amplitude as compared to the antenna which is at a higher elevation.

Your questions can keep this info going so I will try to answer at the best of my knowledge. I have to warn though that I am a way too far as compared to the experts here, so please be patient with me guys.

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