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productivity vs speculation,,,global cooling

"Jerome Powell said the central bank has a ways to go yet before it gets interest rates to where they are neither restrictive nor accommodative."
In Sharia-compliant banking, the bank is exposed to the risk of investment, NOT just the risk of default of the borrower.
The Bank of North Dakota only loans money for productive investments, NOT for speculation. The Bank of ND is more profitable than the NYC banks.
When Powell talks about interest rates being either restrictive or accommodative, he is, for the most part, talking about interest rates for speculation, NOT productivity. The money loaned for speculation is at far higher risk than money loaned for production. The 2 should have entirely different interest rates. The Bank of ND only loans money that has a dedicated cash stream to finance repayment.
So what happens when you loan money for a purely speculative purpose that isn't directly connected to any kind of productivity?
10/08 John Hussman: $20 trillion to be wiped from stock markets – Business Insider
10/08 Ron Paul: US is barrelling towards a stock market drop of 50% or more – ZH

Greed can turn to fear in a heartbeat. Buying stocks on margin takes a lot of confidence. What happens when confidence wavers?
10/08 “Waiting for the world to end” – bond rout bodes badly for equity investors – ZH
Did something just break? – Lance Roberts, Real Investment Advice
10/07 The “VaR shock” is back: global bonds lose $880 billion in one week – ZH
That could definitely dent confidence.
10/08 Central banks are piling into gold – Seeking Alpha
The latest warning from the BIS spooked a lot of CBs.

10/08 Erdogan says Turkey is not facing any worrying economic problems – Reuters
This official denial is the sure sign that everything in Turkey is about to fall apart.
10/08 Housing affordability hits lowest point in 10 years – Forbes
All that hot money from the FED is fleeing just where the State does not want it to flee.
10/08 Germany changes immigration policy, will seek skilled migrants – Gatestone ABOUT TIME.
10/08 Will America run short of seafood? This ocean farm could save us – USA Today
Farmed Salmon Is One Of The Most Toxic Foods In The World

10/08 Renewable energy is growing too slow to meet climate goals, IEA warns – CNBC
"The last grand maximum peaked circa 1958, after which the sun has been steadily quieting down. Today, the drop in activity is at its steepest in 9,300 years, which is being ignored by the Global Warming propaganda."
"The sunspot cycle is roughly every eleven years. However, this time it’s different. The sun is headed for a very rare, super-cooling period that threatens to topple civilization itself as it has throughout history roughly following a 300-year cycle."

"Already, the data is now in for September. The world just had the coldest September for a decade, according to the latest satellite measurements by the University of Alabama at Huntsville."

10/08 Interpol asks China for information on its missing president – CBS
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