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Originally Posted by ricards View Post
Hi all,
First of, id like to ask, is this particular device in line with Thomas townsend brown devices? I've gone a quick reading on the 3 pages and had an impression that you guys are building asymmetrical caps and charge them with high voltage? (excluding everything but electrical). If so, have you guys had any success?..

I'm entirely new to this study and have had experienced in my previously experiments with high voltage flying wires forcefully making connections to my antenna that was around 30kv-50kv not knowing why that happens I just disregard the effect and move on as iT was not my goal at that time, now Im not entirely sure if this is the effect same with what you guys are trying to achieve. Anyway it wouldn't really go bad mentioning that. This is all research.
I'd suggest start by looking over at this machine designed by Otis Carr.
Schematics & Information on the OTC-X1 | Clandestine Disclosure

The reason you want to look at this is to see what takes place at the atomic level. This way you have an idea what creates a vectored centrifugal force at the atomic level. You don't have go deep. You just need to see the machine as a macro scale atom with it's field of spinning electrons, because that's the model I'm sure Otis used and which makes complete sense.

The key to understanding the machine is that the so-called Ultrons (gyro's) are made to abruptly alter their spin which produces a centrifugal force. How they do that, all the other complexities of what's involved in making it happen, how to direct the energy and so forth are all helpful. I've not studied it in detail myself either having not previously comprehended what made it tick, and so like many others it looked like some contraption which I've seen contrived by others, but I did know some of the history behind the machine and I have listened to Ralph Ring so I know this machine has some very solid work behind it.

Now the Otis Carr OCX-X1 is basically an analog centrifugal force inertial drive system which is modeled on atomic spin state gravitational theory. It is an all mechanical system for the most part. It is designed to act in the local environment just like an airplane, or car, or the space shuttle and it is designed to mimic the same sort of propulsion force as described by Jerry Bayles paper on vectored atomic centrifugal force.

The Alexey is a combination analog and solid state gravitation machine. It's different because (I think) it is altering an area of space around the machine and this is unlike the OCX-X1. It is still using the same general idea described by Jerry Bayles to produce a motive force or gravity field, but how it does this is not direct as it is with the Otis Carr OCX-X1.

The Alexey is making/creating an artificial environment for itself in the same air space we are in, but which is significantly different. It is, in effect, creating an area of altered space time which then significantly changes what the machine is capable of doing and may be doing: At least according to Einsteinian Physics.

I'm saying this partly because of the known effects of so called UFO's, which include lost time, slowed time, teleportation and others as predicted by alterations in space time, but space is not what Einstein thought. Rather space is what Tesla thought, but it is still a space which can be monkeyed with, and essentially this is what I think the Alexey machine does do. I think this for a number of reasons. I'm not positive of it but I suspect it is creating an kind of artificial space around itself.

To understand Tesla's idea of what space really is you should read Stevens on the Aether Theory. Only a page or so.

The reason you need to read Steven's explanation is so that you can then understand that the Alexey probably cannot create a frequency high enough to interact directly with space time, or our own natural space, and so it creates an artificial space of it's own, or a bubble if you will that allows it operate as a kind of proxy to a higher frequency gravity inducing energy field. This bubble of altered reality is most probably the cause of the associated anomalies encountered around UFO's.

We can be pretty sure this is likely as machines such as the Black Triangles are using a fully digital sort of gravity creation process that creates a super high frequency which allows for a direct connection to the same energy field which creates gravity as we know it.
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