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Originally Posted by ricards View Post
Hi all,
First of, id like to ask, is this particular device in line with Thomas townsend brown devices? I've gone a quick reading on the 3 pages and had an impression that you guys are building asymmetrical caps and charge them with high voltage? (excluding everything but electrical). If so, have you guys had any success?..

I'm entirely new to this study and have had experienced in my previously experiments with high voltage flying wires forcefully making connections to my antenna that was around 30kv-50kv not knowing why that happens I just disregard the effect and move on as iT was not my goal at that time, now Im not entirely sure if this is the effect same with what you guys are trying to achieve. Anyway it wouldn't really go bad mentioning that. This is all research.
It looks like that at a glance Ricards, and that was one of my own first conjectures, but no that's not what is happening in the machine. That's way too simple.

BTW, Sputins is leading in the replication effort right now.

In my opinion, the machine is creating a gravitational field and it does this by first creating an artificial environment, or surrounding space, and then uses standard electrical theory and physics to produce a vectored centrifugal force. This vectored centrifugal force is produced by acting upon the spin states of matter at the atomic level. It's not as complex as it sounds. Its just not something most people are very familiar with. A little time is needed before stuff clicks and makes sense. In other words, vectored centrifugal force is an explanation for gravity and which is something that happens at an atomic level and all the rest of the things happening in this machine have to do with how to create the artificial enclosing space and then how to replicate a propelling vectored centrifugal force at an atomic level.

Once you get this idea down then it's on to understanding other matters.
Hope that doesn't sound offensive. It's taken a long time to arrive at what I think is happening.
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