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Originally Posted by sinergicus View Post
Reading about you have wrote , I started to research about frequency we need to match in our system to nullify this gravity wave ...I found this short clip ; and now one with resonance experiment at 1.39 time and let me know what do you think .. can be that frequency what we are searching for ?
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I have to watch the video's but what we have I've broken in to primary concepts and all of which may be operating at the same time in a round about way. So very broadly then;

First, we have the idea that the device is a kind of asymmetrical capacitor. Call this the Quartz balloon theory. In it the HF AC is feeding charges to the DC plates while opposing a flipping polarity in the DC plates. A possible association to this idea is that the magnets are creating a vortex to counterspace and grounding out; leading to a direct asymmetrical capacitor or a kind of electric balloon. These ideas don't really describe what is happening.

Second, we have a gravitational theory which is based around the the paper of Jerry Bayles and the thoughts of James Cox. This is the atomic vectored centrifugal force model of Bayles combined with James Cox's idea that this vectored force has to include an AC current operating inside of a non-uniform electrical field, and while being exposed to a Coriolis force. The question is why is this complexity necessary?

Notice that in the Otis Carr OXC-X1 the same vectored centrifugal force concept is employed in a macro scale electro-mechanical system. This is fundamentally the same concept as an atomic vectored centrifugal force, and while operating under a Coriolis Force which is simulated with gyroscopic precession. An electrical circuit every half cycle of rotation in the rotor system induces a flipping of the gyro system creating a vectored centrifugal force. This is all controllable through the multiple electrical contacts. Once you understand this idea then the OXC-X1 is revealed as a electro-mechanical gravitational flying saucer.

The Alexey is a gravitation system described by using a Bayles/Cox combination. That explanation describes a true atomic level gravitation system. A true gravitational system is one more complex than we probably understand at this time. It undoubtedly includes all of the above and more, and because there is a complexity in operation, not all of which is known, acknowledged, and some of which is even denied, and so the tuning of the Alexey machine is supposedly problematic and there is a need to understand what factors influence the machine that we already know about.

On one hand this makes sense. On the the other it makes no sense at all. If for example, gravity were so complex and require such tuning than how in God's green earth doth the planets and star's remain in the heaven's? So you see it isn't even logical in that sense. Logic would seem to say that there has to be a huge variable if frequency alone were the issue: Therefore this has to involve more.

More is all of the above and then some. The evidence we do have says that those rumored systems of highly advanced machines, like the Black Triangles for example, are creating a Super High Frequency and they are doing that also by operating an AC Current in a non-uniform electrical field. This non-uniform electrical field doesn't seem to be the same as the one which is being artificially created by the DC plates in the Alexey Machine. Instead the non-uniform electrical field is surrounding space itself, and for those systems to work the frequency of the AC current has to be much closer to the frequency of the non-uniform electrical field around it, which is the counterspace itself and which is billions and billions of times faster than the speed of light.

So now here is my conjecture; the ideas are similar but the Alexey is creating it's own local counterspace with the DC fields acting in conjunction with the rotating magnetic field and thereby it creates it's own local non-uniform electrical field: Effectively replacing counterspace in the immediate local space. Now if this is correct then there is a correlation between the DC and AC which has to be working together to create the same effects as the OTC-X1 (vectored centrifugal force) but since this is an electrical system there is a specific band length or region where the two electrical fields will work together to create this flipping in the gyroscopic spins of at an atomic level and at the right time, like say every half cycle at the atomic spin level: Understand? This flipping action takes place in the AC field. That's the field which is moving back and forth through a magnetic DC flow: The magnetic DC is the Coriolis force which induces this flip that creates the vectored centrifugal force at the atomic level: Understand? That's why the frequency of the AC has to match the DC created counterspace. So the magnets spin and the DC together determine what the AC cycle has to be for this vectored centrifugal reaction to take place. So the DC Magnetic Field is a Coriolis force field. This tells us then that counterspace is akin to this same energy field, only that field is moving at vastly higher speeds, so fast that the effects are instantaneous. This explains the near vanishing act of the Black Triangle I observed since the closer that machines frequency is to the surrounding space the greater capability it's speeds are. Now is that making sense to everyone now? Notice that your own surrounding space is a non-uniform electrical field.

Lastly, if a local gravitational effect is the product of the Alexey machine, and I believe this is the case, then it is most probable that the machine would benefit from more mass and not less. This is precisely in line with what Mark McCandlish has said about the ARV, that the bigger and heavier they are the faster they can go, and this makes a great deal of sense if you have a mass creating it's own gravity field. I think more mass in the AC plate might be needed and might alone explain the evident difficulties.

PS: So frequency between the electrical systems and the materials in use are all significant because the Alexey, like the Nazi Flying Saucers which went before, artificially create a local counter space to operate in: The prosecution now rests its' case.
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