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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
Anybody feel free to correct me:A Kacher is similar to Slayer circuit, basically a solid state Tesla coil where feedback from L2 drives the base of a PNP or NPN transistor, which sources or sinks L1. The advantage of the Kacher/slayer SSTC is that resonance self adjusts so an idiot can build it and make it work. A true "Tesla coil"(because he had many variations) usually associated with lighting discharges, uses rotary or magnetically quenched spark gaps driving tuned LC tank circuits for L1, and L2 has to be tuned to L1 and loosely coupled but not directly connected to each other. To function, the design parameters have to be well thought through. Whereas Slayer's are easy and cheap to build.

Yes, well I'm hoping to be putting the any idiot part of your theory to the test at some future point and hopefully you're right: This isn't something I have any experience with. Your patience may be tested as well. Just saying~

Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
Again, I must point out Alexey's note about the difficulty tuning the system. So without some sort of system goal, separate functioning sub systems may be put together without success.
Not to say you're wrong or anything like it but I have complete faith in your talents and skills as well as those of many others here. If Alexey can do it I know you people here can do it too. Once we have a little more time we will have a clearer idea what is happening. I think we have a much better idea how this works than when I started the ARV thread.

I'm pretty tired and have to stop but I think James Cox comes closest to broadly covering two of the parts involved in how the machine works, but there are clearly others and we have talked about these before: Jerry Bayles paper on atomic vectored force is another, and of course Stienmetz and Wheeler's ideas which are supported by Joe Parr's work.

My point is that it isn't resonance alone, it's a combination of things, and what seems to be a matter of tuning frequencies is more likely to involve a more complete understanding of all the factors which need to be working together to make the machine work. It's just like any other machine in that all it takes is for one thing to not be working correctly for the entire machine to stop working.
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