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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
I'm going to have to build a Tesla Coil for this project. Any suggestions or thoughts on that are welcome.
Anybody feel free to correct me:A Kacher is similar to Slayer circuit, basically a solid state Tesla coil where feedback from L2 drives the base of a PNP or NPN transistor, which sources or sinks L1. The advantage of the Kacher/slayer SSTC is that resonance self adjusts so an idiot can build it and make it work. A true "Tesla coil"(because he had many variations) usually associated with lighting discharges, uses rotary or magnetically quenched spark gaps driving tuned LC tank circuits for L1, and L2 has to be tuned to L1 and loosely coupled but not directly connected to each other. To function, the design parameters have to be well thought through.
Whereas Slayer's are easy and cheap to build.

Again, I must point out Alexey's note about the difficulty tuning the system. So without some sort of system goal, separate functioning sub systems may be put together without success.
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