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Originally Posted by theoriaapophasis View Post
the sun no more "has" a field than does a magnet have a field.

Nor does the sun "emit" light, light is a field perturbation.

A person in a pond flapping their arms doesnt emit anything either, its a field (in this case water) perturbation.

The field around a magnet or the sun is the mediated pressure modalities of the ether itself.

Iaad (instant action at a distance) cannot be answered with

1. The atomistic particle bs of quantum, or their "virtual photons" which make up a field, which is insane bs in the extreme

2. Nor with the conception that a sun/ magnet are emitting fields.

Iaad can only be answered the same way you answer light and magnetism, that being the substrate to phenomena, the ether.

@13:23 to 13:27 hexagon stands out


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