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Money supply expansion,,,debt-to-gdp,,, Roman Trump

The Bretton Woods agreement was specifically designed to keep nations from hyperinflating their bond markets to finance wars. Since America was the reserve currency, we still had the ability to inflate the money supply. We had previously promised NOT to do that. We kicked off a war in Korea and, later, a war in French Indo-China. This made a lot of money for war-profiteers but, it destroyed the Bretton woods agreement. We broke the gold link. With the link broken, we could engage in endless wars with bubble economics.
The post-Bretton Woods economic picture was a series of bubbles & crashes. Here is a good article from Charles Hugh Smith. Just remember that the main purpose of bubbles is to promote wars.
oftwominds-Charles Hugh Smith: Pensions Now Depend on Bubbles Never Popping (But All Bubbles Pop)
"The nice thing about the "wealth" generated by bubbles is it's so easy: no need to earn wealth the hard way, by scrimping and saving capital and investing it wisely. Just sit back and let central bank stimulus push assets higher."
Keep in mind that the deep State wants bubbles for war, AND, the blob State wants bubbles for jobs and pensions.

"Household debt relative to GDP is near-flat or declining in the US, Japan, Germany, and France. In China, it’s grown from 40% to 50% of GDP in just two years." "Bloomberg’s base case shows Chinese debt-to-GDP reaching 330% by 2022, which would place it behind only Japan among major economies. It might be “only” 290% if GDP growth stays high."
Japan and China have a declining population & workforce. Here is a graph of worldwide debt creation. You can easily see the reason for capital flight to America.

Much of that capital flight is going into stock markets. Armstrong has warned the world about the danger of sovereign debt.
"Treasury Yields Surge, Curve Steepens, 30-Yr Yield Highest Since 2012: 6 Reasons"
Here is a graph of "Treasury shorts",

Zero Hedge has an interesting take and more charts in his post This Is Why Bonds Are Crashing, According To Bill Gross.
The debt-to-GDP ratio is a country's debt as a percentage of its total economic output. Countries with a ratio above 77% are in danger of default.
A debt-to-GDP ratio of 60% is quite often noted as a prudential limit

Powell wants to go full speed ahead with rate hikes. While it might bring some profitability to pension funds, he will crash everything else. Debt service on our $21.5 trillion public debt could easily hit $1 trillion a year. Corporate debt will becomes unpayable and most will default. There are only 2 American companies with AAA credit. Keep in mind that U.S. Gov lost it's AAA rating years ago.

"Altogether, the U.S. federal government has run up a $136.5 trillion bill that will have to be paid, using figures from Accounting for the unfunded liabilities, every single taxpayer in America is currently on the hook for just under $1 million dollars. And that doesn’t count the $10 trillion or so of local and state debt and unfunded liabilities."
"If you started a stack of our crisp, new dollar bills on your coffee table, you could keep stacking until you reached the moon, which is close to 238,855 miles above your table. You’d have enough bills left over from our pile of 136.5 trillion to do 38 more stacks to the moon."

Going from gold to paper allowed a big expansion in the money supply. Going from paper to pixels allowed even more. When the default cascade hits, the pixels will vanish without even a puff of smoke.
10/04 JGB market enters “uncharted territory” as bond rout goes global – Zero Hedge Japan just printed ever-more wondering at what point things would unwind. The ECB swears that it will stop printing. That should be interesting when you consider Italian debt.

Armstrong, "There was an emperor who came to power in 270AD who appears more like the same script of Trump’s DRAIN THE SWAMP. The debasement of the coinage was indeed pervasive. However, much of this was NOT official, but the corruption of the bureaucracy.
led by a man named Felicissimus who was most likely a Procurator Summarum Rationum, or the top official in the monetary system at the time in charge of the Rome Mint. The rebellion of mint workers barricaded themselves in on the Caelian Hill in Rome. Aurelian sent in the troops to DRAIN THE SWAMP in Rome itself and it was a major battle ending with 7,000 dead. The mint in Rome was then closed until later in the reign."

"Aurelian was not one of them and was another general raised by the army. He was not Italian in his heritage. He was not of noble birth and the Senate may have been looking to reassert itself once again as they had to under Maximinus (235-238AD). They also knew that Aurelian was planning to reform both the monetary system and the political system of the Empire."
The blob state killed the emperor to maintain their positions of power,,,, not long before the empire collapsed.
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