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Another great illustration Ufopolitics. Really wonderful to see this kind of effort being put forward. Ufopolitics I agree with you and here's some thoughts I have on the matching of energies, but first I want to bring up as an incidental to this machine a notion that sound can alter weather. Mostly this is just a bit of trivia, a concept as far as I know, but I wanted to pass it along for thought and I think there is a lot of sense to this which will come forward as we all progress down this path of examining the Alexey machine.

Now at first I wasn't sure that the ultrasonic emitters were necessary, but we know that sound can levitate objects, and so it is logical to have such a device/s included in the design. The recollection of this notion that sound can alter the weather, combined with on~going weather related disasters, and in combination with globally recorded strange sounds, all suggest sound waves are important influential energies.

*Speculation & Thoughts*
My assumption is that the earth's center serves as a magnetic center point, and in to which and out of which there are radial lines of counterspacial convergence and divergence, and with the divergent radials being the counterspacial radians which are desired.

These ultrasonic sound emitters must have a coherency with the diverging radian of the counterspacial field leaving Earth: Just as Earth itself has extremely low frequency fields then the reverse must exist for lines of force leaving the surface. The energies and frequecies of the ultrasound might not be specific, but rather have a range with a starting point and then proceed to higher levels, but there might be an optimal range for given piece of matter.

It is my assumption that the speed of the incoherent energy field of counterspace is billions of times higher than local light speed. It is only the local converging centrifugal radians of counterspace which act with a centripetal force on matter to provide an inward force of gravitation. Once we proceed beyond the converging centripetal force inducing centrifugal lines of gravitational force then the nature of free ranging incoherent counterspacial energy manifests as weightlessness.

It seems likely that the atmosphere and it's associated electrical energy play a critical part of the construction processes in matter creation and are likely an influencing force which slows counterspacial incoherency. By reverse process it is logical to assume a reversed process of higher frequencies of sound and energy would produce an opposite effect.

In the Alexey Device the magnets seem likely to be acting as ground to counterspace, which is assisted by the spinning magnets producing a vortex that attaches to the counterspace using a centrafugal convergence of counterspacial radian forces that form a magnetic centerpoint, or the point of contract with counterspace which is now an organized form in the product of a magnetic field. In effect all the negative polarized electrical energy is now grounded to counterspace and which leaves the positive polarized field uncountered by an attachment to the physical earth.

* It would be interesting to experiment with a honeycomb structure on the sound emitters and on the the machine as part of a covering shell on the upper and lower sections.
I haven't gone hunting yet but try scratching around with that notion.
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