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Inflation, feed the State and, kill the worker

Nature created the family and clan. Later, man created society. Later, kings and priests created the State. The kings and priests would protect us from our temporal and spiritual enemies. The priests would intercede for us as only they could understand and, communicate with the gods. All of this came with a price. The priests demanded 1/10 of our income.
The kings protected us from our foreign enemies. Though, they often started wars just to insure a continuous supply of enemies. After all, the kings needed some kind of justification for the endless taxes that they squeezed out.
Thus was born the endless and growing bureaucracy that always surrounds the State. It was centered on the justification of the inevitability of war.
"Peace must be avoided at all costs". "War and the military is how we organize our society" Report From Iron Mountain.

Society and the State are 2 entirely different constructs. Society was created and organized so that man could organize all of his institutions. The State was created to promote war,,,, and then, protect us from the inevitable wars created by the backlash from the original war.
The State inevitably accumulated a huge agglomeration of bureaucrats and war-profiteers. This is where we find ourselves today. We pay 50% of our income to the State. The State has thoroughly convinced most people that it is an integral and INSEPARABLE component of society.
Frederic Bastiat wrote extensively about this lie.

Society could get along well without the State but, the reverse is not true. The State is simply a parasite that promotes war to gain control over ALL facets of our lives. The Deep State wants endless wars. The blob State wants a growing and, self-perpetuating bureaucracy. All of this costs money. The State prints money and distributes it to it's cronies. They buy government bonds. The worker is heavily taxed to repay these bonds. The worker also pays the "inflation tax" where the State can unload 1/2 of the debt burden by inflating the money supply. The working class constantly loses ground in the battle to survive.
currently, there are 96,2 million Americans of working age who are not in the labor force. Consequently, the State has had to carry the money printing to extremes.
The Deep State and the blob State can only "get" money by printing it. They hope to later throw this debt onto the backs of the worker. They hope to reduce the repayment burden to the bond market by inflating the money supply. The FED printed $trillions but, it never created a wage-price spiral. ZIRP held down debt-service costs but, ZIRP is fast leaving the markets. The exit from ZIRP and, the lack of hyperinflation mean that the pain of debt service will grow rapidly. The Treasury and FED have stepped up printing to finance both the deep state and, the blob State.
Armstrong said that there would be a great implosion. History suggests that the implosion is inevitable.

by John Stepek of Money Week

For most of history, inflation wasn’t really an issue.
Prices went up and down, but mostly were flat or only rose very gently over the very long term. And by long term, I mean centuries and even millennia.
Then along came the 20th century, and the latter part of it in particular.
Let’s just say that, when it comes to inflation, we made up for lost time.
The key point they make is this: we’ve been living through a unique period of financial history.

“The 1950-2000 period is like no other in human or financial history in terms of population growth, economic growth, inflation or asset prices.”
In other words, the only economic environment that almost all of us alive today have ever known, is a whopping great historical outlier.
For example, between 1800 and 1938, consumer prices in the UK were pretty much flat. Since then, they have risen 50-fold."
"To cut a long story short, it put a great deal of pressure on the monetary system. Under the gold standard, the money supply could only grow very slowly "
And of course, a “hard” money system also makes it harder to finance things like war and welfare states,
In fact, the rate of global population growth actually peaked at 2.09% in 1968, according to Deutsche. And this year it is set to fall below 1.1%.
You see, population growth might be slowing. But we’ve already unleashed the fiat currency genie from the bottle."

So, the deep state and the blob state are in danger of losing their paychecks. They squeezed us with the inflation tax. They robbed us with direct taxes. Now, they are borrowing hundreds of $billions. They are well aware that we don't like this arrangement. What to do?
Military and U.S. Law Enforcement Establishing Joint Communication Network for Biometric Databases

The Living Reality Of Military-Economic Fascism Exposed

"In countries such as the United States, whose economies are commonly, though inaccurately, described as "capitalist" or "free-market," war and preparation for war systematically corrupt both parties to the state-private transactions by which the government obtains the bulk of its military goods and services."
"Moreover, military-economic fascism, by empowering and enriching wealthy, intelligent, and influential members of the public, removes them from the ranks of potential opponents and resisters of the state and thereby helps to perpetuate the state's existence and its intrinsic class exploitation of people outside the state. Thus, military-economic fascism simultaneously strengthens the state and weakens civil society, "

OK, the deep state and the blob state plan to survive by sucking out more and more money. The money is only there if they first print it.
Where does all that lead?
Why Chris Hedges Thinks The American Empire Has Lost Control... And Its Failure Is Imminent
"If Hedges was worried nine years ago in Empire of Illusion that his nation - like all republics before it - would fail to survive the acquisition of an empire, he’s now convinced it won’t. The title of his newest book, America: The Farewell Tour, "
Many empires have been brought down by the cost of the bureaucracy combined with the cost of the military. Will America be an exception? It is doubtful. There is lots of discussion on the subject.
Armstrong said that Trump is an outlier and that the disintegration will continue.
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