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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
That's great stuff, but I see it as a great challenge.

It's not that you can arbitrarily create counter spinning disks with six magnets separated by a center disk. This is device internally resonating, and creating an affect against "specific frequency".

Does anybody have that information of what that "specific frequency" is? This is the meat of all we don't understand. There is a relationship with frequency of matter and harnessing or negating the forces that bind it. I bet it's the missing ingredient in many of devices.
No doubt about it, it is a challenge…

There are many parameters to adjust, fine tune and balance. Likely adjusting one parameter may mean others also then require re-adjustment. Fortunately most of the parameters are adjustable on the fly which should make things easier, (or more frustrating). Then on top of that, maybe a certain sequence needs to be followed.

Hopefully Alexey will provide further details and a video about the settings and sequence he uses…!

Without that info, the parameters and settings will just have to be found via best guess, trial and error. I’ve have a digital balance which I am setting up as a launch pad, so I can use the of weight seen on the balance as a tuning guide… As power is switched on and parameters slowly adjusted, one might see the balance readout change…?

Variable parameters listed below:

Ultrasonic frequency* - within the limits of the device

The natural Tesla coil resonant frequency** - Set by the L and C of the secondary coil and loading on the coil.

The Tesla coil dielectric flux intensity* - Set by the primary coil input voltage

Tesla coil impulse duration / duty* - Set via the adjustable resistor to the base of the transistor

Plate and rotating disc physical size*** could be changed with maintenance.

Plate and rotating disc spacing / gap** – Even spacing or Asymmetrical? – If asymmetrical is it the positive side or negative side with the larger gap?

Magnetic disc flux density** - Size and strength of magnets

Magnetic disc RPM / CPS* - Speed of counter-rotating plates.

High Voltage DC* - Variable voltage

Natural weight of the overall device***

*Adjustable parameter “on the fly”
**Adjustable parameter only with maintenance.
*** Generally fixed. Adjustable with rebuild or replacement
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