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Originally Posted by ilandtan View Post
That's great stuff, but I see it as a great challenge.

It's not that you can arbitrarily create counter spinning disks with six magnets separated by a center disk. This is device internally resonating, and creating an affect against "specific frequency".

Does anybody have that information of what that "specific frequency" is? This is the meat of all we don't understand. There is a relationship with frequency of matter and harnessing or negating the forces that bind it. I bet it's the missing ingredient in many of devices.
You're over my head ilandtan but I'm just about positive you're on the right track with that idea. I'm not sure it matters except that the higher the better.

Now don't hold me to any of this; it's pure speculation and I've not had any time to really get in to the details (a lot of guessing right now), but what I think may be happening with the Alexey device is that there is a surface resonance created in the HV AC plate. A so~called plasmonic resonance if correct, and which is somehow happening in a manner akin to a Josephson Junction which takes place in other situations, possibly aided by the HF emitters, and this produces a Super High AC Frequency on the center AC plate. For that to happen an exchange with the DC plates to create some similar effect to a Josephson Junction must be taking place, and enabled with a rotating magnetic plate and the HF emitters. How this is all happening I cannot begin to speculate right now, but the parts to a similar puzzle are all here, with the exception of super cooling.

That junction would normally take place on/in a super~cooled conductor, probably a ceramic conductor with a dielectric insulator between an interior and exterior shell, and with a high voltage DC current being the energy source inside with a resultant Super High AC Frequency current being the resultant product outside on exterior. There is likely a direct correlation here to the Woodward Effect/mass cancellation.

*After thought, probably a higher DC input would be likely to result in a more propulsive force as there should be a conversion/exchange process between the plates and of course the higher the AC frequency the better. The whole idea here is to get the highest frequency possible the way I understand it. Course you don't want blind or X ray yourselves either.
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