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Part 3

Let's take a look at the scheme; I'll tell you how it's designed.

Finally I'll show you this scheme in this video. Here it is. What can we see here? It consists of 3 parts:

The impulse part (the cacher), the power part and the low voltage part.

Now let's look at all this in detail.

The power part serves to charge the two disks (supplying high voltage).
We see the regulator with a power unit; power supply, the regulator, then the power supply diagram of the FBT (it can be different, it can use 2 MOSFETs but I've decided to leave it simple); then the FBT and the multiplier that is built into the disk below.

The positive voltage is supplied to the upper disk, the negative goes to the lower disk.

This is due to ground charges being distributed in the following way: The ground has the minus charge and the ionosphere has the plus. And as we know minus repels minus. So the minus repels from the ground.
Analogous to magnets, but here we have no magnets, it's rather a different effect.

Why do we need the cacher? The cacher provides impulses (the transformer itself) but if we put a cable there, impulses shall be routed to the middle disk.

What does it bring? When the motor units start rotating and we supply high voltage to them, 2 toroidal whirls are created that rotate in opposing directions. And the cacher, and the middle disk, doesn't let these whirls cancel each other out.

You can see the positive and the negative potential that could cancel each other out; and the impulses, the constant impulse circuit prevents the two toroidal whirls from falling apart.

Then here is the ultrasound part. We see the battery, the regulator, another regulator and the ultrasound generator.

As you could see in the video, Hutchison directed longitudinal waves at the objects, and the objects levitated. But those were high frequency waves.
And I decided not to search for the correct longitudinal waves; I have the impulse going from the cacher but high frequency waves go from the ultrasound generator.

There is a piezoelectric element here, it's situated in the upper part of the disk, the chip itself is quite small; the regulators are outside of it. <the low voltage part> Here is 1 wire but it has 4 cables inside; it powers on the engines and this chip. The power is distributed between the ultrasound generator and the engines.

We see the engines (motors) rotate the disks in opposite directions, like in Schauberger's design. But in his layout this disk is the very same induction machine that is horizontally placed. But Schauberger had two longitudinal brushes here that took off the charges during rotation and divided them into electrons and positrons.

The whole Schauberger machine was charged by positrons; and the object charged by positrons has the ability to levitate.

As you remember from the video, a charged object, charged by simple electrons, also has the property of losing its weight. The gravitational waves of the Earth bend around it.

Let's take a look at the system.

These engines provide rotating force to the disks, 2 toroidal whirls are created, the middle disk doesn't let them cancel each other, and the gravitational waves bend around it.

Gravitational waves are a simple aether that creates a pressure, it has a higher density despite being imperceivable.

That's why all our planets are round, because they are under a tremendous pressure. Do you know why the planets are round? Because they are under the pressure from aether.

And every object of a lesser density is condensed. This explains the nature of gravitation.

So then; if the object isn't condensed the law of centrifugal motion comes into play, the centrifugal force of the Earth pulls this object away.
This is clear. Going on; we have some magnets here. They are placed this way. There are six of them.

Why six, why not 4, 8, 9? - Because if we put these lines here, we see a cell, a bee comb cell; like Grebennikov used to say, a wave beacon emits these cells. We have these fields distributed into a "chamomile".
Well, we have if not a wave beacon, then an electromagnetic field.

Please note how the magnets are placed:
The North is above and the South is below, and the negative charge gets supplied to the South.
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