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Part 2

There are sound waves in electromagnetic fields that create an effect, this effect was replicated by Hutchison; as we'll see in the next video. He used a combination of waves from Tesla transformer and acoustic vibrations. He also used Van de Graaff's device. Let's look at this video and draw another conclusion. ...the inventor John Hutchison.

Enthusiasts-experimenters have long proven that gravitation is an ambiguous term. The Canadian physicist and inventor John Htchinson already in 1979 witnessed a new occurrence unknown to the science while studying Tesla compression waves and using Van de Graaff high voltage generator. A short glossary: Van de Graaff high voltage generator generates voltage up to 7 Mio Volts.

The functional principle is based on the electrification of the operating dielectrical tape; the power of the electrical current is incommensurably small, so that even children can touch the generator.

The interference of the longitudinal waves created by two or more Tesla coils made a 32 kilos ball levitate and lifted wafer ice-cream, wrenches and similar small items up to the ceiling. Metals and various materials, like wood and metal, intertwined and heated up to their melting or ignition temperature, and massive steel rods tore by themselves as if they were made of paper. The videos and reports look so convincing that they border on paranormal.
Now we're looking at one of the experiments performed by the inventor in his garage. John adjusts the frequency of the electromagnetic emission that's directed at randomly selected objects.

Hutchison made no secret of the fact that his discoveries were a continuation of the experiments by Nicola Tesla whose available works he carefully studied. But the results of Hutchison's experiments surpassed all expectations and crossed the boundaries of the existing knowledge about the nature of gravitation, space and time.

After Searl, many experimenters, on their own, came to the conclusion that the electromagnetic field of specific frequencies can create the state of zero gravity where the matter, time and space change their characteristics.

...Alright, let's sum it all up.

Four basic principles are clear. As you can see this is not my fantasy but real effects proven by real people, such as Charles, Searl, Shaorberg.

So then:

1: Electromagnetic field of a specific frequency can create a state of zero gravity.

2: Interference of longitudinal waves created by two or more Tesla coils bends gravitational waves.

3: In a quickly rotating radial electromagnetic field, a radial force with a vertical vector appears.

4: Acoustic vibrations of a correctly selected frequency make objects levitate.
All these principles build a basis to graviplane engineering.

I forgot to mention such effect as grating structures like graphene and the like, but that's a topic for another time.

Same goes for superconduction at ultra-low temperatures, this effect is rather difficult.

Note the four principles. Now let's get to the most interesting part.
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