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Thank you for your interest. Let me explain what happens here, and since these are all unseen forces, I am but visualizing what really happens behind the scenes:

a. If I remove the big electrolytic capacitor, the "atmospheric electricity" or radiant electricity from the GI metal railing can only go to the charge battery if the transistor is closed or to the source battery at any time.

b. Problem with radiant/atmospheric power is that it seems to "not like" batteries. I explained this in my book and as hinted by Tesla that the capacitor is the key to unlimited energy.

c. If I place the big CAP in its proper location, the radiant/atmospheric electricity somehow likes to fill it up with charges; it really seems that the circuit functions much better if the capacitor is there.

Let me know of your replications. I deliberately designed it to be a very simple arrangement so that more can easily replicate.

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