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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
first, Tesla thought that nuke power was not possible,
so clearly he was missing something
Einstein made an assumption,
it is why he said IF the speed of light is constant, then...
he never said the speed of light was constant, it was an assumption.
and he said so.
it seems to be everyone else that went wild with the assumption

I keep taking a single idea and changing my frame of reference
sometimes it leads to insight
another way this device might work
is that it is making a magnetic field that is spinning inducing and electric field. and you can push off that electric field with an electrostatic field as the first field is not physically connected to what made it.
this is that hard to test,
no reason why someone could not have figured this out long ago.
OK, well not had time to read this because it is a book, but just go to the link and skip to page 11 and scan the intro, then go to 91 and then see illustration on page 94.

This is just about generating an electrical current by spinning the magnets.

Apparatus for Generating
Motional Electric Field
by William J. Hooper
US Patent # 3,656,013

This is the only info I can find which relates back to the electric rocket material. Note what he says here;
" it occurred to me that the capacitor plates should be staggered and wedge shaped to make polarized gravity flow through a central, hollow core. Staggering the plates was the single most important idea I had.
NEW Gravity Capacitor
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