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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
Let me clarify a bit; I think it is an open air capacitor using principles of dielectric barrier discharge, and that the rotating magnets are creating an kind of Biefield Brown Effect, which then results in an asymmetrical open air capacitor which is producing a thrust vector produced by a directed electro~magnetic discharge. The way a normal capacitor works the discharge is equal over time as I understand it. This is the case during normal discharge in a dielectric barrier discharge but because of the magnets there is an additional factor involved. What precisely this effect is I have not given a lot of thought to just yet, but whatever it is the result creates a levitating effect. A corollary of a dielectric barrier discharge is the production of a plasma along with ozone and this discharge is an open air cold plasma, which in this case appears to be ejecting in a circular ring about the central axis of the machine, which is not producing any helpful thrust but with enough energy would begin to result in a surrounding atmospheric glow and I believe, but can't quite remember, that somewhere Alexey says something about a faint glow: In which case there is at least a partial validation of what is taking place.

The entire machine appears to have the makings for creating an artificial analog type of plasmoid since the horizontally ejected ionized atmosphere would be in line with creating a machine that could be covered in a plasma and thereby result in something akin to a Foo Fighter, and which I think is what the ARV can do and which may also be an important part of the over~all propulsion system both in the atmosphere, and under water, as well as in our local interstellar medium.

*Invisible plasmoid sphere's in the infared range have been recorded, even chased by aircraft and helicopters, so this ability to cover the vechicle in plasma has the potential for creating a cloaking effect.
I see what you are saying now
that makes lots of sense.
in full light you would not see much of a glow from that, would have to be at night with the lights out to get a picture of it.

your description reminds me of something.
there was a device linked to in the ARV thread were someone used ion emitters that physically spun in circles, then used another magnetic field to push off of the ion created field.
I have looked for it and can not find a link or my archived copy...
but it has all the same components and the fields lined up the same way as the Alexey device, just a layout change.
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