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Originally Posted by mgveloso View Post
Hello Everyone.......

I had been a long-time lurker in the forums and doing experiments on my own. I believe it is time for me to announce a circuit that runs on Atmospheric Electricity.

The latest blog post can be found at STEEMIT:

This is an already working circuit, we only need to "upgrade" this if we want to. I already made sure it is capable of running non-stop at low-power applications. This thread is for the purpose of helping anybody here who may want to apply it for their own benefit.

The approach and my journey along with the collaborative efforts of good experimenters are laid out in the simplest way in my Amazon published ebook that can be found:


I am opensourcing this work and will be sharing one-third of whatever earnings I can receive from the book's sale for the benefit of this free energy forum site (

Collaboration and the helping minds of many will be the force that will conquer all. It has arrived my friends, I invite each one to do their part here. Thank you.

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Thanks, very interesting and useful. BTW, I took note of the comment and your reply on
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