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Originally Posted by spacecase0 View Post
yes it sure is.
only change is to make the voltage appear in the direction along the rotating shaft.
faraday generators are known for low output voltage, so what I have been working on is figuring out a way to boost the output voltage for this layout well into the KV range, and seems not that possible. So could be that is why he added external voltage. So he is converting the static voltage to act like the induced voltage.
That was my thought entirely: Looking at the N Machine, and Trombly's co-rotating unipolor motor. If this issue is low voltage/high current from ground to the circumference of the spinning disk, why not change the ground reference via a rectifier injecting HF HV to the shaft. Enough to jump a spark gap. The high amperage would then jump with the HV spark that creates an ion bridge for the current to flow (Like EVG motor). This eliminates the need for brushes and reduces the eddy currents? One of my future projects.
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