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Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Hello to All,

I have put together a BASIC diagram for Alexey Chernikov Antigravity Device:

Even though you guys that were following this device from Gambeir's ARV Thread, when Sputnik, uploaded Alexey's Circuit Video the first time... must of you all know -by now- the way is put together by many spread posts with lousy Google translations and our own conclusions from Alexey's Videos, plus frame-images collections from his videos etc,etc...

But, as this Replications Process becomes a success (As I know it WILL BE) breaking ALL the Gravitational Laws known so far...I am pretty sure that many ,many more people would start reading from scratch here, Members and, we need to gather together as much info Material as we could, HERE, for future references, in order that EVERYONE could be able to easily reproduce it with success by just reading the first pages of this Thread.

If anyone of you guys, Sputnik, Spacecase or Gambeir see any defects/errors on the Diagram, please let me know and I will correct it.

I am going to be putting together a 3D CAD ANIMATED MODEL, in order to print different angle-views and post them it would be used on a Video I will produce as soon as we hit the first success, even one (1) inch off the ground!!!...

Regards to all

Lovely diagram indeed Ufopolitics!

From what I can see, it is technically accurate, as far as we currently know it.

The most recent video Alexey posted, towards the end (four split screen videos for some reason) the lower left one shows him powering up the disc in the field... You canít see exactly what he does, but we can assume it is switching on the HV DC... Ė Suddenly the thing lifts up almost instantly and nearly hits him in the face.

That little bit of footage provides the best indication so far that this thing is real.
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