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Daniel McFarland Cook

It's been a while since I've been logged in and have seen your comments. I have some very interesting info regarding the Daniel Cook invention and news that it does work, however I had a vision of a similar device and decided to give it a shot, wiring the coils and situating two C cores laying end to end into 4 separate coils, l wired and closed the loop for "echo" operation, so if we created a pulse, in my opinion may be able to continue on and on and ring/pulse power forever provided we have Earth's magnetic field and atmospheric or capacitive energy discharging into the device through the air without any arcs to supplement the magnetic field needed to keep it operating. 2 of the coils were wound around in the center (which is the place that 2 of the ecore ends meet giving us the primary coil, which I made Bifilar, and 2 separately wound on each opposing end cross polarized as he did to try to make up a self operational device that needs only a pass of a magnet to get it started. To take power from the device, I wound a coil over the center bifilar primary coils and once a pulse of energy was given and taken away, the device did continuously output 2.8 VDC and it remained on, able to power a small string of leds without shutting down. I could put a string of ten together in parallel and they did all light up without any difficulty, but one strange thing needed to be done before the device functioned without any decent output (which ended up being 36 vdc once I added a connection).

I will wait for replies from you and everybody else to see if you guys could figure out what it was I did to get a major gain in output power. Oh, by the way, my coils were prewired for 2 different configurations at two different
times, I never wanted to make this device from scratch, I just had an idea that made me try this, and I never rewound them to create equal coils, but I will eventually do so and try some other things, such as try to isolate the cores from each other, which they physically touch conductively, and they become part of the same core when this happens, so if we eliminate this, maybe anti lenz properties will make the device gain more output with a much lower powered pulse for the input.

Unfortunately, the two sets of coils wound on the ends were different amounts of turns and wire size, making the coils uneven and probably the reason why I had little luck with the voltage I was hoping to get, but I one day will retry and make this as successful as I could.

Let's see if you guys could figure out how to tie the system into Earth's magnetic field so it operates as it should in Daniel's document. His device is very real and my idea had nothing to do with his invention or patent since mine is actually configured differently, but the concept is very similar.

This should be interesting to see what you all may tell me for the final connection that completes it and makes it function. I will answer this question after a few comments , especially when somebody gets it correct. It's based on the works of Tesla and is the ONLY way more power could seem to come out than go in, but this is not true overunity, it is coupling with the Earth's magnetic field, obviously magnetically and since it does this, it has to draw energy in from the aether, but to do this, we need it to couple to the Earth's atmospheric energy capacitively.

This is tricky, but one simple connection is all that is needed to make it run, as well, the device needs to have shielding tied into one particular side of a coil to create the capacitive coupling needed to draw in the atmospheric energy input, and the shielding does not need to be tied to ground, it needs to be coated with a specific material to attract positive ions from the environment, it doesn't need grounding on the shield to stop interference or create a safe device as in the electrical world. Grounded shields eliminate outside power from being drawn in and it also stops interference for the most part until different energy types are used within specific proximities to these kind of components.

Strangely enough, when I pulsed power (12vdc) across one of the primary coils while tied in as seen in my image, the device stayed powered up. When I introduced the load, the voltage stayed the same and didn't change one bit. When I tied in one connection, the voltage multiplied and remained powerful. This is the concept of my Pelex device, however Pelex is always tied into the power system and introduces a massively amplified output amperage while the power input uses no more than the power needed to energize the coil. The field around these devices will stop cellphones and wifi systems from operating within 250 to 300 feet regardless of ground shielding. I needed to shield the device in crystal powder and place that inside of a grounded steel enclosure, leaving the shielding around the coil tied to an antenna way above the dwelling it was used in.

The Pelex device has since been deconstructed because I have been threatened by folks that I refused to give the technology away for free, as well, I have had some rather scary moments when dark suvs with men in suits and sunglasses surrounded me at a local gas station, they all got out encircled me and told me the device will never hit the market otherwise I would lose one child at a time until their demands were met. This all started because I took a cash lump sum from an entrepreneur to allow him 20% of the profits if he would put it into production and get licensing, etc.

He has not been seen for almost 6 years, never contacted me, his phones are all disconnected and it seems as if he has fallen from the face of the Earth. I will no longer be in business to sell free energy devices. You guys could all go ahead and try this , then see what Iam talking about with the fields. The device could never be UL listed because shielding required by the NEC must be able to perform under normal circumstances using an NEC approved metallic grounded electrical enclosure. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop the nature of the interference since it is not static, magnetic, alpha, beta or anything that could be measured by the engineering class it was demonstrated to. They also didn't believe it that it could actually function as it did and the Professor told them that no papers could ever be published linked to him or the school since it against the laws of physics for it to operate and according to the dean of the school would NOT be allowed to be acknowledged by the university in any way shape or form until Science acknowledges overunity technologies of any kind. We have overunity devices out there being used every day, they will always tell you it can't happen and will never admit it. The LED is one, and the Microwave oven is another.

Thanks for taking the time to read my comment! Please see the attached image below the entire comment and reply that I uploaded to see how the device schematic appears. Thank you .


Originally Posted by Ufopolitics View Post
Hello to All,

I had a small discussion with Rick Friedrich...on his first part boring video on YouTube.

The First Free Energy Patent is Misunderstood. Part 1 Daniel Cook

The guy have the tendency to underestimate other people comments...unless they agree and bow at him.

When I asked about the missing Circuit and parts "D" which is exactly the Driver for this device...below was his answer:

Obviously I was not "skilled in the Art" enough...since I could not understand such simple explanation from God gift to Humanity... "Rick"...

My answer was:

After that He just blocked me from adding any more comments...

He is trying to "shove" everyone his bright "Interrupter idea" on this Patent...and anyone who disagrees he will get them out.

However, He have not reached any positive OU results with it...but we all must trust him...

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