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Socialism, population, freedom, tax burden, the next currency

For most of man's history, his reproductive ability outstripped his food procuring ability. In Europe, war was called 'the sport of kings". They engaged in warfare for population reduction almost continuously. The only long interruption was during times of plague when Mother Nature took over the job. England kept large numbers in the navy and overseas outposts. War was thought to reduce the lower class because stupid soldiers would tend to get killed more often than smart soldiers.

In the outlands, England used famine to reduce population.
Man has now reached a point where his food producing ability is greater that what is required for a shrinking population (ex sub-Sahara Africa)

The moneyed class had previously used war to limit population growth. The wars were limited by how much gold a State had to purchase arms.

The Central Bank was created by the State specifically to finance and prosecute wars on credit.
Chapter one, page one Page 17

Investments in war industries had a very high rate of return.

Since the financiers never created anything, the burden of paying for the wars fell to the producer. The working man had to fight the war. After the end of the war, he had to pay for it. The CB created the bonds to finance the war. The worker / producer paid the "inflation tax" on everything that he needed / bought to repay the bonds.

J. M. Keynes advocated for constant war to keep the economy constantly producing.

In the most basic of analysis, capitalism is the only system of production. You take something physical and, add your labor.

"Marx, who intended to abolish capitalism, Keynes intended to change the system but keep capitalism alive. He suggested social reforms within the capitalist system rather than establishing a whole new system."

Human nature precludes the abolishment of capitalism. We don't work like ants. That doesn't stop Marxists from dreaming.

Capitalism is a fine system as long as everybody is working. Our current situation is a distortion of capitalism by groups who pervert the law to gain profit without working. Through taxes, fines, fees and theft, they take about 50% of our earnings. (Armstrong). Now that our perverted system is crashing from the predations of "crony capitalism", numerous people are calling for socialism as a cure.

Capitalism works just fine. It does not need curing. What we need is an escape from crony capitalism. What we are offered is a continuation of the present system under a new name with the same old controllers.

Armstrong, "The major difference between the socialism supported by the Democrats/Labour in Western Society is that to them the individual has no value, it is the collective society, which they then elevate themselves to rule. Conservatives believe in the individual has rights and value and that the state is to serve the people. In the eyes of socialism, it is not the individual but the collective society which is the value and they are qualified to rule from above. The socialist always seeks to control others and in so doing, the individual is always sacrificed for the collective state."

"Nevertheless, the socialist always pretend that they are on your side. They get people to surrender their individuality to the state and always blame the rich when your quality of life declines.
Keep in mind that career politicians even on the right also support the government against the individual."
That is why Ron Paul stands out so much.
"This to me is the ultimate struggle. We are talking about our freedom which the Founding Fathers made clear – it was to be We the People, not the people as economic slaves to support the state as the tax burden constantly always rises. The average person pays about 50% of their income to support the government on all levels."
"Just look at Venezuela. A country with the highest oil reserves turned left and its people are starving, fleeing the country, and retired people’s pension will buy them perhaps one cup of coffee. Meanwhile. identical to what they found in Russia after the collapse of the government, those in power live lavishly and never starve."
Ah yes, the Champagne socialists like millionaire Sanders.

"This is why the Founding Father prohibited DIRECT TAXES, which the socialists in the rising era of Marxism embraced at the start of the 20th century. " "Once they created the income tax, every individual was now required to account to the state what they possessed and what they did. Since then, all we have are laws that constantly remove our freedoms because they assume we are all hiding money. "
"It is now money laundering to keep cash in a safe deposit box for the new interpretation is hiding money from the government is a crime even if you paid your tax."
" With each passing year, we lose more and more of our human rights and individual security. This can only end in civil war as it has always done throughout history when these two philosophies confront each other. One just wants to be left alone and the other cannot sleep at night if others have what they do not."

You can say what you want about Fidel Castro but, like Ian Smith he really cared about his people. Both of them could walk among their people without guards. Chavez and Maduro have stolen billions. They put their cronies in charge which was far more devastating to the oil industry. Both of them sang the siren song of Marxism and, both of them were thieves. Why is it that the Marxists are always so inept at running an economy?

I feel bad for the Venezuelans. They believed that Chavez would make things better.
"40% Of Venezuela Stores Go Bust After 3,000% Minimum Wage Hike"
"7 million Venezuelan employees were to be guaranteed 1,800 bolivars a month - around $20 USD on the black market. "

"Resist Everything": Socialist Within State Department Exposed In Veritas "Deep State" Sting
How can these people possibly believe that resistance and destruction will make the situation better.
The Economist Magazine has a famous cover showing all currencies burning with a Phoenix rising out of the ashes. This Phoenix is supposedly the SDR.
Cloward–Piven strategy calls for everyone to demand so much public assistance that it bankrupts government. They plan on a wonderful Phoenix rising up also.

The deep state along with the blob state is determined to ride the free money train from the bond market. Everybody has their hands out.
Air Force Wants to Surge Growth by More Than 70 New Squadrons ...
The bond markets will crash and, it is very possible that we will end up like Venezuela. Too many people with not enough to eat.
Man is voluntarily reducing his population and, the credit markets will NEVER recover. There are small signs creeping in.
The Most Important Stock in the World Has Broken Its Trendline
David Morgan, "- We could move to a "cryptocurrency type of situation that is government backed"; is a "world currency possibility" or we could "go back to some type of gold standard"
- "Very difficult to know how the currency reset might come about and I do not think even the elites know at this stage"
Bretton Woods was an agreement that would limit how much a State could inflate their bond market. Thus, reducing wars. Nothing but gold has ever worked in this role.
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