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Make or break moment in Syria

In a series of incidents starting with the Donald Cook, Russia proved that it had a superior jamming system. Later, Russia proved that it's long-range cruise missiles could defeat any ABM system. They weren't ballistic.
Just recently, Russia and China held an enormous war game drill with live firing of many hypersonic missiles. Both countries have hypersonic missiles that would be very hard to defeat.
The war hawks are frothing at the mouth because Trump refuses to engage in Idlib /Syria.
Syrian air defenses shoot down several Israeli missiles - SANA

TASS: World - Syrian air defenses shoot down several Israeli missiles - SANA
OK, so israel is probing Syrian defences to see just what Syria can stop. So far they seem to have stopped quote a bit. Apparently israeli jets are NOT sent in for fear of the S-400 and S-300. I seriously doubt that American jets will go in if everything else gets intercepted. The Sino-Russian war games were done to give American planners a good assessment of Sino-Russian war capabilities.

To further complicate matters, Turkey wants a big piece of the action. It is hard to figure how they can balance between Turkish interests in Syria and Turkish interests in Russia. Turkey is not far from Financial collapse. Now is not the time to be starting wars. Erdogan is crazy.

Turkey is supplying ISIS. Russia is killing ISIS
US Troops Wrap Up Mass Drills With Terrorists Near Syria's al-Tanf Base - Reports
What to do with that base?
Turkey To Seize Idlib in Neo-Ottoman Gambit?
Ex-Terrorist Commander - ISIS Supported by Turkey in Northern Syria

Israel for their part have stirred up something WAY bigger than they can handle.
How Netanyahu Fooled (Ordered) America to Fight His Zionist Wars

This is the Waterloo moment for israel. If either israeli or American pilots are shot down, there will be hell to pay at home. If the israeli missiles can't do the job, it won't get done.
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