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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
I guess people can say anything, post anything, call it free but I see
ac cords running everywhere. Not saying it is not free, but he has no
name and those are not his video's, probably afraid? Of being X out?

Anyway the previous ones with the truck flywheels are cool but no
English, no way to understand how they are getting the free stuff into
their grinders.

And you have one also? But are afraid to show it? Or did you show
yours already?

I do not see anything that helps me see how to get the extra, just
motors and modified generators? I think modified? Yes?

It is possible to modify a generator to run as a motor and generator
at the same time without any flywheels, so this leaves me to wonder.

I should read a book first because my understanding on flywheel
energy is so small.

Thx 4 the vid's
you just need to calculate the power of the flywheel:

1) Option /This option is the most controversial. It is the first formula that operates in the dispute about the flywheel, the second is given when studying the mechanics of motors./

Centrifugal force (in Newtons) = flywheel mass (kg) multiplied by its flywheel speed (angular velocity, meters per second) per square, and this is divided by the total flywheel radius (in meters).

Calculate the rotational moment on the flywheel shaft, again according to the known formula:
Rotational torque (Nm) = Centrifugal force (in Newtons) multiplied by the flywheel radius (in meters)

2) Option /classic version/
Torque Formula (Moment of Inertia and Angular Acceleration)

In my opinion, as it were, it is necessary to learn how to manage it.

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