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The problem of the exact description of vacuum, in my opinion,
is the basic problem now before physics. Really, if you can’t correctly
describe the vacuum, how it is possible to expect a correct description
of something more complex?
/ Paul Dirac /
Vacuum -- the very name suggests emptiness and nothingness –
is actually a realm rife with potentiality, courtesy of the laws
of quantum electrodynamics (QED). According to QED,
additional, albeit virtual, particles can be created in the vacuum,
allowing light-light interactions
| American Institute of Physics
The most fundamental question facing 21st century physics will be:
What is the vacuum? As quantum mechanics teaches us, with
its zero point energy this vacuum is not empty and the word
vacuum is a gross misnomer!
/ Friedwardt Winterberg /
When the next revolution rocks physics, chances are it will be
about nothing—the vacuum, that endless infinite void.
Nothingness of Space Could Illuminate the Theory of Everything |
Today Zero Vacuum (T=0K) is banned from Physics
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