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I realised

Hi Wantomake,

I realized it.
I spent the better part of this summer (24/7) reading DS and B&L threads here and at OU, so I became very familiar with his posts, his work and personality, but I never had any other contact with him obviously.

I would love for everyone that had any sort of success with his replication to come forward and post as much as they can with photos or any thing that might help newcomers!
I feel that new blood should pick up where he left off.
I feel that the smoke has to be cleared completely.
As Clarence said... time should NOT be wasted please help others pick up and not waste their time in the maze.

I hope that my previous post will serve as a Clarence Episode II.

My condolences to all who knew him and to his family.
He certainly was a special kind of person.
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