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Exclamation A historical account of Clarence’s replication of the B&L devices.pdf

Hi everyone - Let me start with this:

POST #1548 A pot of gold --hopefully:
I have Had it pulling energy from the ground up tp 9.8AMPS.
all of this while the KAW meter only shows 0.07 amps supplied from the mains and at 5.4 watts.
At first I thought it was a faulty KAW so I dug out the others and tried Four more of them - they all read the same.
I have run a floor fan, my microwave, my smart charger charging my battery banks, all at the same time - still NO CHANGE ON THE INPUT FROM THE MAINs- 0.07 amps at 5.4 watts.
I was just standing there dumbfounded.
All this time the # 12 wraps on the toroid only showed .5 amps with never changing!.
The following is a quote from a short 10 page PDF document I put together called 'A historical account of Clarence’s replication of the B&L devices.pdf'

Mains Performance:
#1549 08-07-2017, 11:34 PM - ‘18.8 amps out for .07 amps in is quite an increase!’
#1551 08-08-2017, 12:55 AM - ‘loaded my setup with loads equaling 26 + amps on a wall plug outlet only rated for 20 amps MAX - no breaker trip’
#1746 10-21-2017, 10:05 PM - ‘I have put up to 37 AMP LOAD on a 20 amp wall socket for the unit I am still using DAILY. The watt reading shown on the KAW meter was ALWAYS very low. Be it Known AS LUC said that even the MINIMAL system Resistance WILL drop the system voltage as more loads are added.’
Shouldn't we all be retracing Clarence's steps from HERE?
I believe the PDF is a must for anyone looking into the Clarence replication.
Not only will it serve as a map of this whole thread, it will also allow you to see what each step made by Clarence was for and the progress made.

Judging character is not a measure of anyone's claims. This man, regardless of his ways and attitudes has labored for years towards this single goal. Even in his old age was undoubtedly a very capable man in all he did.

Clarence may have been fooled by B&L for 2 years but he was meticulous and adamant to get there. He may have done just what he set out to do in the end!
So the way I see it, the claim still stands as stated above and it is very clear to me.

Download the pdf below and let me know what you think:
Oh! and have a GREAT day!
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